SoCal emcee, Shlick Smit, teams up with Chicago duo, The Palmer Squares, for his first official music video titled, "Fukkitall".  The song is a tongue and cheek take on the mainstream style, full of sarcastic lyrics over hypnotic, sub heavy, trap production by Phil Gonzo.  The video was directed by Urben.  With its vibrant 4k visuals and fun caper plot, this video aims to capture the high energy of the song.

 "Fukkitall" is the fourth single from Shlick Smit's full length debut,"Together Alone", which was released on March 3rd.  The track was heavily promoted during live performances by both artists throughout 2017.  Most notably, The Palmer Squares performed it every night in 40+ cities throughout the US and Canada as part of their No More Job's Tour.
 The Palmer Squares began building their following through YouTube cyphers and one takes, such as their featured appearance on KnocksteadyTV.  They have developed quite a presence, with over 14 million views on their channel and tens of thousands of followers across their social networks.  Their last two full length projects, Finna and Planet Of The Shapes, both charted in the top 20 on iTunes hip hop charts.  They recently completed their first national headlining tour to follow the national run they did as support for LA rapper Wax on his Cookout Chronicles Tour.  In addition, they have opened for acts such as Kool Keith, People Under The Stairs, Dirt Nasty and Murs, as well as performing at last year's A3C Festival in Atlanta, 

 Shlick Smit got his start in NYC working with Freestyle Mondays and Props To Hip Hop.  After relocating to LA, he expanded his online reach through the YouTube cypher scene as curator of CypherLyfe.  Their cypher entries have tallied up hundreds of thousands of views online.  He has performed across the nation in venues such as The Middle East, Los Globos, Mercury Lounge, Pianos and Voltage Lounge.  In addition to touring and working with The Palmer Squares, he has collaborated and opened for AFRO, as well as opening for artists like Felly, Wax, Mickey Avalon, Sahtyre and Lyrics Born.  His solo debut  "Together Alone" is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and more.



Gena Perala releases a haunting new single Good Girl on the 20th of February. Reuniting with long-time producer Chris Gestrin, the two have a powerful connection, moving seamlessly through genres and sounds, creating dark melodies enhanced by Perala’s sultry vocals and intensely honest lyrics. Good Girl opens with beautiful yet ominous “ooohs” and “ahhhs” setting the tone before getting straight to the point: “She’s too good for you and you know it’s true. I think it’s killing you, instead you’re killing her, murderer, murderer, murderer.” With a voice that is both warm and chilling, Perala creates a style all her own – soft yet strong. “The song is about an abusive relationship and ultimately how every day my friend stayed in this relationship, it was killing her,” Perala explains. “But it’s important to understand how complicated and wrapped up in our past these situations are, so the song is also about the enabling that went on with the abuse and then my own helplessness and anger around men fucking with women, especially when those women are my best friends.” The visual single premier is an eerie depiction of the artist floating in water surrounded by darkness and at times drowning. Dancers writhing underneath fabric represent the relationship eliciting visuals as unnerving as they are interesting. “Sometimes we know something isn’t good for us and we know we need to get away but we just can’t. Like there’s a force outside ourselves, the fabric drawing us together or the water drowning us and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get out, Perala says, shedding light on some of the unsettling yet stunning imagery in the video. Good Girl is the first of a string of releases Perala plans for 2018. It is bit of a departure from her last album (Exactly Nowhere, 2014): Perala trades in her piano for a synthesizer and her drummer for a drum machine. Good Girl is a minimal down-tempo electronic synth song that flirts with pop elements. Perala’s upcoming releases will feature more of this electronic sound: “Going into the studio I had very specific ideas of what I wanted and co-produced the songs with Chris Gestrin. I love working with Chris anyway but he was the perfect person for this project since his studio is literally packed with synths and drum machines, a lot of them from the 80’s, he loves that stuff so a great fit for the poppy sounds I was going for. He’s also just really good at making my ideas a reality.” Good Girl leans more towards avant-garde pop but then again, Gena Perala is pretty avant-garde herself.



"When i close my eyes i get lost in the memory,.. The one i have of you and me,... Can you kiss me goodbye cause i'm left with the fantasy we can make it work if we try,.. I DON'T KNOW YOU,.. i don't know you" 

Quoted from the track by 'Ella M' she is currently recording her debut EP at Powerstudio. She grew up in Reading and moved to New York, recently returning to London to work on her music. Her first single ‘Don’t Know You’ is now available on the best online digital music stores.


Orçun Ayata is keeping on his works as mixing engineer, live mixing engineer, electronic music producer and radio programmer after completing sound engineering education in SAE Institute.

His first EP “Meaning” comprising of 3 songs of multiple kinds like electronica, ambient and trip hop have been released in 19th January 2018.

Orçun Ayata has been producing electronic music for 5 years as an amateur and he used the practice, experience and information he had during his music life in these 3 songs. In this period he got inspired of modern jazz as well as well known musicans in the field of electronic music like Emancipator and Nicolas Jaar.

Italian mixing and mastering engineer, multi instrumentalist Giancarlo Roberti has accompanied Orçun Ayata in the parts with trombone in two of his songs called “free will of a hill” and “a hopeful disease”. Orçun Ayata is the mixing and mastering engineer of all of his songs.

Album cover is a work of Kubra Yesil who has created designs for Anatolian Rock Revival before.